90 Days

Long-lasting inactivation of viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.

Long-term Inactivation

Once after coating, Keep disinfecting up to 90 days, truly separate the contamination, and actively prevent viruses from spreading.


Effectively killing COVID-19, and inactivation of various microbes.

Strongly Effective

Fast and highly efficiently inactivate microbial, including Human Coronavirus, FCV Virus, Flu Virus, EV71, measles, mumps, fungi, mould, etc.

0 Alcohol

No Toxic No harmful Material, Complete safety testing

Safe & Comfortable

Testing passed for safety, including skin irritation, inhalation, oral toxicity, Non-dangerous identification, Non-toxic, heavy metal, etc.

GERMAGIC is a brand, it has invented more than 10 years of research in collaboration with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and Chiaphua Industries Limited (CIL).

GERMAGIC is presently the most effective, advanced, tested, and proven technology in the world to give complete long-term protection against COVID-19. In order to provide a full range of epidemic prevention protection for the public and all kinds of crowd activities, GERMAGIC microcapsule controlled-release sterilization technology is widely used in homes, schools, hospitals, offices, and public places.

For incredible innovation, GERMAGICreceived a gold medal at the Geneva Innovation Awards in 2018. The product has been tested and certified by more than 100 international laboratories and authorities e.g. MICROBAC (USA), ALG (USA), TÜV SÜD (Germany), SGS (Switzerland), Eurofins (Australia), ALS (Australia), Sendai Medical Center (Japan), STC (Hong Kong), The Hong Kong Certification Centre Limited (Hong Kong), Super Laboratory Co., Ltd. (Taiwan), BCSIR (Bangladesh), etc.
GERMAGIC received NOC from the
Directorate General of Drug Administration (DGDA),
Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh to commercialize the product.
GERMAGIC Tests and Certifications
GERMAGIC is the word's one-and-only antimicrobial technology, incorporates "Contact-killing", “Release-killing" and "Anti-adhesion" to exterminate bacteria, fungi and viruses. When microorganism reaches the surface of GERMAGIC they are eliminated by GERMAGIC’s "Contact-killing" agents. The GERMAGIC's "Anti-adhesion" hinders the dead microbes from remaining on the surface and prevents the formation of biofilms leaving a clean surface for other rounds of "Contact-killing". Simultaneously, GERMAGIC releases its "Release-killing" agents into the surrounding air to attack and kill harmful germs without having direct contact with them.

GERMAGIC is widely used around the world, even some governments e.g. Malaysia, Hong Kong, directly involved in encouraging citizens to use GERMAGIC. GERMAGIC is already used in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Mexico, South Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Myanmar, United Kingdom, Brazil, Peru, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Colombia, Paraguay, Panama, Kuwait, Germany, United States, Canada, South Africa, Bangladesh, and many more.